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Deliverable 1.4 – Site Characterisation Workflow

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Filip Neele (TNO), Florence Delprat-Jannaud (IFPEN), Oliver Vincké (IFPEN), Valentina Volpi (OGS), Manuel Nepveu (TNO), Cor Hofstee (TNO), Jens Wollenweber (TNO), Ane Lothe (SINTEF), Susanne Brunsting (ECN), Jonathan Pearce (BGS), Anne Battani (IFPEN), Axelle Baroni (IFPEN), Bruno Garcia (IFPEN), Maxine Akhurst (BGS)
Report “ D1.4 – Site Characterisation Workflow” represents one of the central goals within the SiteChar project: to develop a workflow for site characterisation studies for the storage of CO2. The workflow defines the work to be done to comply with the EU Storage Directive, resulting in efficient site characterisation studies. The EU Storage Directive requires that before CO2 can be stored, the site must be carefully studied to ensure safe and secure storage. This process is called site characterisation. The work that needs to be done concerns the characterisation of the geological layers in the subsurface of the reservoir, of the sealing cap rock and of the layers between the reservoir and the surface. This report addresses all the issues in the EU Storage Directive and explains the work that needs to be done. The report can be used by (future) site operators and local or national authorities to discuss the work that needs to be done to decide on the feasibility of storing CO2 at a site. This will help focusing the work on the most important aspects of a site.