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The five sites:
BGS / Scottish Government
GEUS / Vattenfall
OGS / Enel

The North Sea Moray Firth site, UK

North Sea site, United Kingdom The area of the Captain Sandstone studied in the UK sector of the North Sea ( ... {read more}

The Vedsted site, Denmark

Vested, Denmark The Vested site, an onshore aquifer in Denmark Map of location for the Vedsted site Objective of the study is to perform a fu ... {read more}

The Zalecze & Zuchlow site, Poland

Załęcze & Żuchlów site, Poland Map of the Załęcze & Żuchlów region. The area marked with the thin blue line covers the area with the gas fields and the two adminis ... {read more}

The Halten Terrace site, Mid Norway

Halten Terrace site, Norway Characterisation of a multi-compartment storage complex, Mid Norway Lithostratigraphic column from Mid-Norway that shows the G ... {read more}

The South Adriatic site, Italy

Southern Adriatic site, Italy Characterisation of a carbonate aquifer in the Southern Adriatic Sea The Southern Adriatic site consists of a structural trap ... {read more}
A full issue of OGST - Revue d'IFP Energies nouvelles dedicated to SiteChar

Vol. 70, No.4 of OGST - Revue d'IFP Energies nouvelles is entirely dedicated to SiteChar and Characterization of European CO2 Storage. ...